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Covid-19 Updates

  The Province of BC has declared a state of emergency and has enacted province-wide restrictions in an attempt to get transmission rates under control.

  Until further notice, all non-essential travel to and within BC should be avoided. (Click HERE for further details)

Cross-border travel is forbidden for the time being: "To protect Canadians from the outbreak of COVID-19, the Prime Minister announced travel restrictions that limit travel to Canada. Until further notice, most foreign nationals cannot travel to Canada, even if they have a valid visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA)." (Click HERE for further details)

Please stay local and support local this holiday season. We look forward to welcoming you when the time is right.


As of Nov 24th, BC now has a mask mandate order. Masks are required for everyone (if able) in many public indoor settings. Please respect our local front line workers by following the mandate. A face shield is not a substitute for a mask as it has an opening below the mouth. (Click HERE for further details)

Please bear with us while we try to keep this page updated with the most recent information, and feel free to visit the following links for more details:


Support Local:

Now, more than ever, local BC businesses need your support. Let’s each do our part by staying local, and dining, shopping, and visiting attractions nearby this winter.





If you are interested in booking with us for essential travel, you can rest assured knowing that we use a strict sanitation protocol between guests. The self-contained suite is limited to one group at a time (currently restricted to your household bubble). You will be given a door code, and in-person contact is not required.

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